Price List

    We have three graded technical levels: Junior, Master and Director. Prices reflect the technicians’ years of experience and skill, as certified by Heidi Avery herself.


    • Your full name, phone number and email address are required to book an appointment. We also request your home address, date of birth, and a brief summary of how you became aware of Heidi Avery, but this information is optional and provided at your discretion. (See our Data Policy and section on GDPR for details.)
    • Please always arrive a few minutes early for your appointment. Note that this does not mean your treatment will start earlier than the booked time.
    • Please be patient and courteous, and understand a busy salon runs appointments all day, which unfortunately can sometimes lead to delays. Whenever we anticipate a significant delay, we will try to let you know in advance.
    • If driving to the salon, we recommend a 2-hour parking ticket for a 1-hour appointment and a 4-hour ticket for a 2-hour appointment, as you will not be able to leave your appointment to update your parking time should the appointment overrun. Tickets can be purchased using the ‘RingGo‘ app.
    • If you are more than 15 minutes late, it is possible we will not be able to provide the treatment you have booked. You may be able to request an alternative treatment that can be performed in the remaining appointment time, and you will then be charged for the replacement treatment rather than the original one. (See section on No Shows for more information.)

Nail Treatments

    • Please make regular Infill or Nail appointments within the recommended time frame after your first appointment.
    • If you need to change an Infill appointment to an appointment for a Full Set, please let us know at least 24 hours before your appointment time. If you arrive for an Infill appointment having failed to notify us that you require a Full Set of nails, we will unfortunately have to cancel your appointment and charge you in full for the original Infill booking.
    • All Nail Repairs are charged on a per nail basis, and require additional time to carry out on top of the standard appointment time. If you break a nail prior to your scheduled appointment, please call us at least 24 hours before your appointment to ensure sufficient time is allocated for repair.
    • For insurance purposes and to ensure quality of products and equipment, we will not at any time or under any circumstance use or apply U.V/LED Gels supplied by clients.

Eyelash Treatments

    • Please make regular Eyelash Infill appointments within the recommended time frame.
    • Appointments for Infills are shorter than ones for New Sets, so you must let us know when booking if a New Set is required. If you fail to do so, it may not be possible to apply the New Set in the allocated time, and you will still be charged for the Infill treatment.
    • Please do not wear eye make-up to your appointment. Time spent removing make-up during your appointment will be deducted from your treatment time, and you will be charged for the treatment in full.
    • If you attend wearing waterproof mascara or have been wearing it within the 48 hours preceding an appointment for a New Set of Eyelashes, it is likely there will not be enough time to apply the complete set. The treatment will only be partially performed, meaning you will have fewer Eyelashes, and possibly with a compromised lifespan. Any additional appointments for Infill treatment will be at the normal price.
    • Heidi Avery Eyelash Aftercare states that you cannot have your Eyelashes Lifted or Tinted when wearing extensions. There are some options for Eyelash Tinting but these may affect your extensions’ lifespan, for which we do not take responsibility. Please ask a member of the team for full treatment details.
    • If you arrive for you appointment with no Eyelashes but within the recommended Infill time frame, you may be able to have an Infill appointment at the normal price. This will be at the discretion of the team, and you will be expected to book a second Infill appointment to ensure a Full Set of Eyelashes. The follow-up appointment must be within 10 days of your initial appointment, and will also be charged at the normal Infill price. (Please note, you will only qualify for this option if your infill appointment is within the recommended time frame for Infill bookings. See Heidi Avery Eyelashes Aftercare leaflet for more details.)
    • If you decide not to use your Infill appointment, you will be charged in accordance with our No Show Policy.
    • Always follow Heidi Avery Pre-treatment and Aftercare advice to ensure optimum results from your treatments. 

Child and Baby Policy

    We love performing children’s nails and beauty treatments, however, to safeguard health and safety, please do not leave your children in the salon unattended any time. Some salon products and chemicals could be harmful if ingested or applied to unprotected skin.

    • Please seek advice and guidance from staff members when attending the salon with children.
    • To maintain a treatment history, individuals under 16 years old must have their own client profile on the salon system. This profile will typically include the following information:
      • Full name
      • Telephone number recorded as 0000000
      • Email address recorded as name-of-child@name-of-mother.com
      • Date of birth
      • Home address
    • No data is recorded for marketing purposes in children’s profiles.
    • When your child turns 16, their profile information will be transferred to an adult profile. It will then include a valid email address and phone number, and they may opt in to any marketing promotions if they wish.

Age Restriction

    We have age restrictions in place for the following treatments and services:

    • Sunbeds – available only to clients 18 years and older.
    • Spray Tan – available only to clients 14 years and older (parental consent required for under 18 years old).
    • Brow or Eyelashes Tint – available only to clients 16 years and older.
    • Eyelashes Lifting – available only to clients 16 years and older.
    • Henna – available only to clients 16 years and older.
    • Nail Extensions – available only to clients 14 years old and older (parental consent required for under 18 years old).
    • Eyelashes Extensions – available only to clients 14 years and older (parental consent required for under 18 years old).
    • Manicures, Pedicures, Brow Shapes and Gel Polishes – available to clients of all ages, however parental consent is required for individuals under 14 years old.

Consultation and Health

    Your first visit with us will be for a one-to-one consultation. The main purpose of the consultation is to understand your health requirements and concerns, so it is vital you use it to notify us of any health matters or pregnancy. This will enable us to adapt treatments to your needs.

    Please also inform the salon and therapist in advance of any medical conditions you may have, as some treatments may not be appropriate for you. After your first appointment, it will be your responsibility to inform us of any health or medical changes going forward.

Eyelash Extension Patch Test


    • Your patch test and Eyelash appointment must be booked simultaneously to ensure your Eyelash appointment is no more than 10 days after your patch test. You will also need to pay a £25.00 deposit.

    How do we do it?

    • We will simply apply a few Eyelash Extensions to your natural outer eyelashes. This appointment will last 15 minutes. Please do not wear mascara. (Should you need to remove make-up, please arrive sufficiently early to do so or you will lose your appointment and be registered as a No Show.)

    When will I know if it is negative?

    • It will take 48 hours to see if your test is negative. A negative test does not preclude an adverse reaction to the treatment itself, but it lets us know if you are allergic or highly sensitive to the glue.

    How often do I need a patch test?

    • As often as possible. If you have had a patch test before but we have not seen you within the last 12 months, we will need to perform a patch test again.
    • Patch tests are necessary for insurance purposes and to safeguard your health.

Tint Skin Patch Test

     How do we do it?

    • We will simply apply a very small amount of Tint behind your ear. There is no need to book an appointment for this, however please do call us in advance in order for us to make the necessary arrangements for your test.
    • The Eyelashes or Brow appointment will be within 10 days of your patch test.

    When will I know if it is negative?

    • It will take 48 hours to see if your test is negative. A negative test does not preclude irritation from the treatment itself, but it lets us know you if you are allergic or highly sensitive to the Tint.

    How often do I need a patch test?

    • As often as possible. If you have had a patch test before but we have not seen you within the last 12 months, we will need to perform a patch test again.
    • Patch tests are necessary for insurance purposes and to safeguard your health.

Late Cancellations

    • If for any reason you are unable to attend your appointment, please contact us at least 24 hours beforehand to avoid incurring a cancellation fee and registering a late cancellation on your account.
    • If you cancel your appointment with less than 24 hours’ notice, you will be charged as detailed in the tables below. If you cancel your appointment with less than 3 hours’ notice, this will be registered as a No Show.
    • Our late cancellation charges are:
    Treatment Value Charge
    Under £14.99 £5.00
    £15 – £24.99 £10.00
    £25 – £44.99 £15.00
    £45.00 – £94.99 £25.00
    Over £95.00 £40.00
    • For repeat late cancellations, the following charges are applicable:
    Cancellation Charge
    2nd Late Cancellation The appropriate fee from the table above, plus a 75% deposit for your next appointment.
    3rd Late Cancellation 50% of the cancelled treatment value, plus a 100% deposit for your next appointment.
    4th Late Cancellation You will unfortunately no longer be able to book appointments at Heidi Avery.

No Shows

    • If you do not attend your appointment, you will be charged for the cost of the treatment you requested when booking.
    • If you attend but decide against going through with your appointment – either because you have not allowed sufficient time for your preferred treatment or because you have simply changed your mind – you will be considered a No Show and charged for the cost of the treatment that was requested when booking.
    • If there is not sufficient time for your originally requested treatment and you decide to have a shorter treatment instead, you will be charged for the shorter treatment and not considered a No Show.
    • Our No Show charges are:
    No Show Charge Deposit required for next booking
    1st 100% of booking 50% of booking
    2nd 100% of booking 75% of booking
    3rd 100% of booking 100% of booking
    4th You will unfortunately no longer be able to book appointments at Heidi Avery.


    • We accept debit card, credit card (excluding American Express) and cash. We also accept card payments by phone.
    • We do not accept payment by cheque.
    • All treatments must be paid for on the day. If you are booking a course or taking an offer that consists of at least two treatments spread over a week or more, you will need to pay the total amount at the first appointment.
    • If you have issues paying with your card and have no cash, you will be asked to remain in the salon until your payment has been made.


    • Deposits can be made to any value.
    • Group bookings or large bookings require a minimum 35% deposit. (One member of the group will need to pay or allocate this to their account. The deposit can then be used against treatments received by any group member.)
    • A £25.00 deposit is required on all bookings for New Sets of Eyelash Extensions.
    • Deposits can also be made as a pre-payment for treatments, up to 100% of the total bill. This will remain credited to your account until you book and use it, and does not currently expire.
    • All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.
    • Our Cancellation and No Show policies are also applicable to deposit payments. If you collect any Late Cancellations or No Shows, your deposit will be debited accordingly. In the event of a No Show, your deposit will be taken for the full treatment cost on that day; in the event of a Late Cancellation, the amount will be taken in line with our Late Cancellations charges.
    • In the case of group bookings, the person to whose account the deposit is made is responsible for all cancellations and No Shows.
    • Our online booking Deposit amounts are detailed below:
    Treatment Value Deposit Required
    Under £14.99 £5.00
    £15–£24.99 £10.00
    £25–£44.99 £15.00
    £45.00 – £95.99 £25.00
    Over £96.00 £40.00

Treatment Courses

    Courses are groups of treatments that have been put together by Heidi Avery Salon to save you money, designed to be used over a period of up to a year by one person.

    • All courses must be paid for in full at the time of booking and completed within 12 months.
    • Courses are non-refundable and non-transferable.
    • A missed appointment will result in either a treatment being deducted from your course or a charge being made in accordance with our No Show and Cancellation policies.

Treatment Packages

    Packages are groups of treatments that have been created by Heidi Avery Salon to save you money, designed to be used over a single day by one person. All packages must be paid for in full on the day.

Gift Cards

    Gift cards can be purchased for any amount. They are white and gold gloss cards with the Heidi Avery logo across the front. A very classy gift!

    • Balances that are not used will remain on the card.
    • Balances can be topped up and are valid for 12 months from the purchase date.
    • The card can be kept indefinitely.
    • We cannot replace lost or stolen cards, nor can we backdate them.
    • No cash refunds.
    • No Show and Cancellation policy terms (as detailed above) also apply to any amounts remaining on gift cards.

Birthday Email Vouchers

    A gift from us to YOU on your birthday – Happy Birthday!

    • You will only receive this voucher if you have opted to receive promotional emails from us.
    • Vouchers are valid for seven days after your birthday.
    • They cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
    • If you would prefer to use a different offer due to it being greater in value than the voucher, we can honour your birthday voucher at your next appointment should it be booked at the time and fall within seven days of the original appointment.
    • Value of treatment must exceed £15 to allow use of birthday voucher.

Regular Discounts

    Check in @ Heidi Avery Salon

    Please reference promotion in the salon to claim 5% discount when settling your bill.

    Senior Citizen and Student Discounts

    Please present valid NUS Card for a 10% discount. This is only available from Tuesday to Friday between 9:30am and 4:00pm.

    NHS and National Service Discounts

    Please present necessary photo for a 10% discount.

    Social Media

    Leave us a review on Google or Facebook to receive a 10% discount. (To be used once within a 12 week period.)

    Recommend a Friend

    Your friend must quote your name when paying for their treatment to receive a 20% discount. You will then be credited with a 20% discount to your account, which will be automatically deducted from your next treatment bill.

    Loyalty Card

    Use our loyalty card to be rewarded on every sixth visit. One stamp on your loyalty card is given per appointment. Please take good care of your loyalty card as it is non-transferable if lost or stolen.

    Mini Me’s

    Treatment discounts are provided to children on selected treatments when accompanying their parents on an appointment. (Age restrictions apply.)

    All discounts can only be redeemed once and may not be used in conjunction with any other offer, discount, course, package or retail products sold in the salon. Discount terms must be quoted when booking. All rights reserved © Heidi Avery 2018.

Salon Staff Contact

    Please refrain from attempting to contact team members using their personal contact information – including social media accounts – either for concerns relating to your appointment or for treatment advice/consultation. This is to ensure we control the quality of service and advice provided to you, and that an accurate record of your treatment is maintained on our system. Additionally our valued team members work long hours, and it is not fair or appropriate for them to be disturbed outside of their working day.

    You can refer all queries to the salon directly by contacting us via telephone (0118 375 4858), email (info@heidiavery.co.uk) or social media (search Heidi Avery Salon), five days a week from Tuesday to Saturday.

Mobile Phones

    We understand people have busy lives and often need to be contactable during treatment, however we ask you to be considerate and put your phone on silent before your treatment begins.


    For your own safety we have cameras in our salon, but please ensure you are mindful of your belongings. We cannot be held responsible for any personal items that are left unattended.

Premises Entry

    For health and safety reasons, it may not be possible for you to enter the salon before the advertised opening time.

Parties and Exclusive Hire

     All packages are unique to you, and so are the prices quoted.

Food and Drink

    • No odorous foods are allowed within the salon.
    • Eating during treatments is not permitted, as this may affect the results.

Sunbed Safety Use

    • Eye protection must be worn at all times and will be supplied accordingly.
    • You should never have more than one sunbed session within 24 hours.
    • It is your responsibility to inform us of any health or medical changes since your previous visit.
    • You must be over 18 to use the sunbeds. If you look under 25, you will be asked to provide I.D.
    • Anyone other than the person undergoing the treatment is prohibited from entering the tanning room during a session. This includes children and babies.
    • If you ever feel too hot or faint while on the sunbed, end the session by pressing the stop button. Your session will unfortunately be lost, but your safety should always be the first priority.
    • You must not use a sunbed if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
    • To ensure the highest standards of hygiene, we ask all customers to clean the sunbed after their session using the materials provided in the room. This is in addition to the cleaning service our team performs throughout the day. (Tingle cream users need to clean the sunbed twice.)
    • If you are using a tingle cream, please tell us in advance.
    • Please do not use any oils or unauthorised products on our sunbeds, as this may damage them.

Sunbed Entry Times

    • Last entry for 12-15 minute sunbed sessions – 30 minutes before closing.
    • Last entry for 6-9 minute sunbed sessions – 15 minutes before closing.

Retail and Professional Products

    • Retail products can be used and purchased by clients.
    • We do not sell any professional products (salon’s own products) to our clients, and under no circumstances can clients use or handle our professional products.

Return and Refund Policy

    • Gift vouchers are non-refundable and valid for 12 months from the purchase date, and will not be accepted after the expiry date.
    • Vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash, sold or transferred. You must bring your voucher along to your appointment if you wish to use it.
    • Products must be returned unused and unopened, with seals intact and in the same condition they were purchased, along with receipt of purchase. We will not accept for exchange or refund any item that has been used or is not in the condition in which it was purchased from us. This does not affect your statutory rights.
    • Treatments are only refundable if the treatment carried out is proved to be unacceptable and not to Heidi Avery standards. Your concerns will also need to be presented and explained to us within seven days of your treatment.
    • No cash refunds, even if the original payment is made with cash.
    • You will need to come into the salon for any refund to be processed and received in person.

Photo Consent and Social Media

    We will never take photos of you or your treatment without your permission. By consenting to your photo being taken, you are giving us permission to hold your photos and use them for our social media or advertising. You are entitled to view all the pictures that are taken of you or your treatment, and request where they be used or deleted.

Heidi Avery Record Management

    Client Data

    When you make your initial booking, we require your full name, email address and telephone number so we can contact you in the event of any changes to your appointment. It is our policy to only take bookings if we have the correct information to send appointment reminders and make other necessary contact. As a busy salon, we often have to turn people away, so if clients do not show up or cancel their appointments at late notice, others suffer. To prevent this happening, we have Late Cancellation and No Show policies, and use the contact information you provide us with to send out appointment reminders.

    We will ask for your home address, date of birth and how you heard about Heidi Avery, but this is optional information that helps us make your client profile unique to you.

    General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

      • All personal details you provide us with are for our records only.
      • All information is stored in a safe and secure way remotely via cloud system.
      • From May 2018, all new client records automatically ‘opt out’ of any marketing. This means we will only contact you regarding your appointment if you ‘opt in’ to receive promotional material.
      • It is your choice whether we contact you regarding any offers, promotions or newsletters.
      • You can change your mind and ‘opt out’ at any time by pressing the unsubscribe link at the bottom of your emails, or by letting us know directly.
      • If you do not want to miss out on offers or news that we have to share, you can ‘opt in’ at any time to one or both of SMS and email updates.