Natural Manicures & Pedicures


Age 18+

Gel Manicures & Pedicures

Age 18+ | 12-17 P-C

SNS – Acrylic, Hard Gel – Overlays & Extensions

Age 18+ | 16-17 P-C


Nail Extension & Overlay Removal

Age 18+ | 16-17 P-C

  • Times quoted in our price list do not include removal time. Please always state if you require a removal, as we will need to add the correct time to your booking. There will be no additional charge if the original set was done by us. (Overlay removals normally add 15 minutes to your booking and Extension removals normally add 30-45 minutes to your booking. It’s very important that this time is booked in.)
  • Please inform your technician if you are diabetic or on any skin- or blood-thinning medications, as although we wil be able to still perform great cuticle work, we will not be able to trim your cuticles with cuticle nippers.
  • Always book your next treatments(s) or removal in advance to guarantee an appointment.
  • Always give us a call for a nail repair, please do not glue any product down onto your nail.
Nail Post-Treatment Care Advice:
  • Always apply cuticle oil.
  • Always treat your nails with care and wear gloves for all cleaning activities.
  • Never pick or pull your nails.
  • Do not glue down product to your nails.