Pre & Post Treatment Care

48 hours before:
  • Have any desired waxing treatments.
  • Exfoliate and moisturise your skin as much as possible – this will give your spray tan the best base to attach too.
The day before:
  • Shave the areas that will be exposed to the spray tan.
On the day:
  • Shower to ensure your skin is free of any skin products that can affect the tan, e.g. deodorant, perfumes, oil-based moisturisers.
  • Arrive to your appointment without deodorant, make-up or other skin products on. If you must wear a moisturiser, only use a water-based product.
  • Arrive to your appointment wearing dark, loose clothing.
  • If the weather is wet, make sure you bring an umbrella to keep the rain off your skin.
  • Do not wear tight shoes.
Straight after your appointment:
  • Wear dark, loose clothing.
  • Leave the tan to develop for at least 4 hours after your treatment, then gently wash off the developing layer. In the first 4 hours, be very careful to not get any areas of your body wet as you may end up with a patchy finish. Avoid heat and exercise to minimise perspiration.
  • You can sleep in the tan overnight without washing off the developing layer, but please be aware any light-coloured bedding may get tan stains.
General maintenance:
  • Once you’ve rinsed off the developing layer, keep your skin moisturised daily with a water-based moisturiser to maximise the life of your tan.
  • Towards the end of your tan’s life, start to exfoliate regularly so the tan comes off evenly.
  • Be aware that the tan can transfer onto any fitted, light-coloured clothing, even once the developing layer has been rinsed off.
  • If you follow the above advice, you should be able to have a spray tan every 10-14 days without getting tan build-up or a patchy finish.
You are not suitable for a spray tan if you have:
  • Sensitive skin that results in a reaction to a patch test.
  • Severe eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis.
  • Cuts or open wounds.
  • Not received parental consent and are between the ages of 14 and 17, or if under 14.

Additionally, you will not be able to receive your treatment if you feel faint or unwell.