Heidi Avery is Berkshire’s first luxury styling boutique specialising in lashes, brows, nails and tanning.

Heidi has been building and developing her vision for Heidi Avery since 2003. Every aspect of the boutique reflects her dream of the perfect beauty experience.

  • Glamorous Heidi Avery Lash and Brow Bar bespoke for a comfortable lashing experience.
  • Sleek Heidi Avery Nail Bar with a glass of bubbly and 500+ colours to choose from.
  • Luxury pedicure booth with porcelain bowls for the cleanest, most beautiful pedicure.
  • Latest technology Lay down and stand up sunbed rooms.
  • Special dark room specifically for a tailored and perfect spray tan.

We believe when you feel good you look good and when you look good you feel good.

We are here to enhance your natural beauty and then maintain it for you, with jaw-dropping results.

We do our best to deliver this to you in a fun, welcoming, indulgent environment.

We employ the very best artists in each of our key services and we also invest in our trainee artists-technicians to give them first class training they need.

Heidi Avery is passionate about training and delivering excellence. We hold strong relationships with the biggest brands in the beauty industry, and implement our own tailored training programmes for all our team members, to keep us up to date with the forever changing and developing industry and to make sure we are able to provide you with the highest quality service whilst also being trailblazers in the latest techniques and product knowledge in lashes, brows, nails and tanning.

For the Ultimate Salon Experience

  • We have implemented the most up to date best practices in salon ventilation, as stipulated by the health and safety governing body, the HSE. Our ventilation system enables clean air to circulate through the salon whilst eradicating any harmful toxins.
  • All steel tools are immediately cleaned and sterilised with medical grade solution after every treatment.
  • All pedicure equipment and eye treatment patches are disposable and never used more than once.
  • Our porcelain pedicure bowls allow for full sterilisation after every use, and we have a sinkin our nail care area to support regular hand hygiene.
  • All surfaces are thoroughly cleaned with medical grade solution after every treatment. Salon cleanliness is impeccable and maintained throughout.
  • We pride ourselves on having ongoing top of the line training.
  • Heidi Avery Salon has been designed to create a clean, sophisticated, modern environment, it is tailored to the services we specialise in.
  • We are Specialist Technicians not beauty therapists.
  • Our customers experience is #ourtoppriority.
Heidi Avery
Heidi AveryFounder